Chef Shelly

Let me introduce myself: my name is Shelly Steinhaus I live and work in Arvada Colorado. I have been in the culinary world for sixteen years. For eight of those years I was a restaurant owner an executive chef of Bella Bistro located in Old Town Arvada. You know those love hate relationships with being a restaurant owner. Some of the best days of my life and some of the worst. Regrets? Absolutely not one. Owning and operating a restaurant taught me to be a chef (literally from being in the trenches). 

A little about Bella Bistro restaurant, a converted Texaco gas station. Yes you heard that right, roll up doors and all. The renovation of the building almost ended in divorce, or was that the actual operation of the restaurant? Seriously I owe a huge thank you to my husband Tim for his endless support for where ever my passion takes me. At Bella we changed our menu weekly, sometimes daily. Our menu was based on fresh seasonal products and the talent and passion of our chefs in the kitchen. At Bella we had an open kitchen which was the spot light of the restaurant. The interaction with our guests, conversations about cooking, ingredients, wine pairing was the absolute heart of Bella. I am extremely proud of the food and menu’s that my chefs and I created for those eight years.

My thoughts on food; fresh, fresh, fresh seasonal local ingredients. If you have space and time to grow some vegetables and herbs in a garden or small containers and pots. Start small and grow some fresh herbs, I challenge you to do it. Fresh herbs pack so much flavor in your recipes. Support your local farmers and markets. When you can, buy organic.

Cooking…..I know its not everyones passion to be in a kitchen cooking like me. But yes, everyone does need to eat. I think cooking is at its best, when your kitchen is filled with family and friends. 

Passion is a must, so find your passion and follow it. I would have to say passion for me hands down has to be travel. My happy place is on a plane bound for somewhere… I really enjoy experiencing different cultures, learning about history, researching the culinary world, meeting new people. I have a special relationship with my camera’s, I have so many photos, but I just cant part with them. When I am traveling I am most excited when I get that one great shot!

Please contact Shelly about bringing a cooking experience  into you life!