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Sharing my most recent purchases for cooking. Many of you have asked where to get a certain item or a specific product. I have created a list for you and these will have a link to amazon. Bella Bistro has an amazon associates account, so if you do purchase there is a small percentage of your sale that will go to Bella Bistro.

The Raclette burner that we used in the Christmas Market Cooking Class

The Barley Malt Syrup used for our Pretzels

The Cone Molds used for our Chimney Cakes

The pomegranate molasses used for our Bratwurst Skewers

Ceramic Parmesan container to hold freshly grated parmesan. A great gift item for those who love all things Italian

The Girolle cheese slicer for cheese flowerettes. Take your charcuterie board up a notch.

Tete De Moine Cheese for the Girolle cheese slicer

Hands down my favorite balsamic!!

The Greek Olive Oil I have been using in cooking classes. For those of you who love the buttery flavor in olive oil for dipping breads, this is pretty amazing.

Great individual charcuterie cups are a great and easy way to entertain.

Bamboo skewers in larger quantities

In The Kitchen with Chef Shelly

Valentines Day is coming soon and I thought I would share some products that I will be using in the kitchen this next week with you. I will be posting recipes all week long to give you ideas of what to be cooking and baking for Valentnes.Bella Bistro is part of an Associates Program with Amazon and will receive a small percentage if you do order any of these items.

Valentine Goodies for the Kitchen

This baby is expensive, I am not gonna lie. But I will have to say I love mine. And I use it year round to make ice creams, gelato’s and sorbet. There is no inner bowl that you have to put in the freezer. Super easy and quick to use.

Breville Gelato/IceCream

I love making cavatelli pasta. I have a great recipe on the website. This is really fun for kids to participate and make pasta with you.

Cavatelli Pasta Maker

I use my kitchen aid pasta roller and cutting attachments quite often. While I have many hand crafted pasta tools that I bring back from Italy, this is my go to for larger dinner parties.

For the roller and cutting attachments

For just the roller

Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller & Cutting Attachments

I really love the Kamut flour for a healthier hand made pasta. Kamut provides you with fiber, a type of carbohydrate, and protein, an essential macronutrient. Protein plays a central role in maintaining strong tissue, and also aids in oxygen transport and immune function, while fiber helps lower your cholesterol, fights type 2 diabetes and maintains digestive health. Each 1-cup serving of cooked kamut contains 10 grams of protein, or 17 percent of the protein requirements for an average 150-pound individual, according to intake guidelines published by Iowa State University Extension. A cup of cooked kamut also provides you with 7.4 grams of dietary fiber, which is 28 percent of the daily intake recommended for women and 19 percent for men.

Organic Kamut Flour

If you have never used a salt block they are really a lot of fun. I have taught quite a few classes and getting ready to bring my salt blocks out for a seared ahi tuna on the grill.

Himalayan Salt Block

Who doesn’t love a cannoli? Now that you can make them in the air fryer, they are healthier and lower in fat. Thats a big positive for me.

Cannoli Forms

Hands down my Anova Sous Vide is a beloved cooking device. I really hate to tell you that I have purchased at least 6 of them. Whether you like to prep for a week of healthy eating, or if you love to entertain this toll right here is worth the money. It cooks meat just absolutely perfectly. There is never a fear of over cooking.

If you are only going to cook for a small group the 750 watt is perfect

If you like to entertain or cook for a large family I recommend the larger

Sous Vide

I have about a dozen springform pans, do you think one of them fit in my Instant Pot… that would be a NO! But I will have to tell you that after making both my sweet and savory cheesecakes and my chocolate decadent torte in the instant pot with this pan, I will say it is well worth the money.

Instant Pot Springform Pan

I love my Instant Pot… whether I am braising items to grill, making cheesecakes or making quick dinners. This item right here saves me a lot of time. The pressure cooking cooker cuts down on the cooking time, and is really easy to cook with and a quick clean up.

Instant Pot

I love my air fryer…I like the nice big basket that can hold a whole chicken for roasting, potatoes for fries. It is also very easy to use and is super easy to clean.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Vortex