Master’s thesis in administration and the labor market. General reflections.

Master’s thesis in administration is a very difficult task for many students. The following article will focus on the European labor market. We will describe the situation that currently prevails on it. In addition, we will describe what specializations are currently the most sought after. At the end will be a reflection on what the real master’s thesis gives us.

Let’s start with the situation that prevails on the labor market. As a result of emigration from EU countries and a demographic collapse – there are no hands for work in Europe. Currently, some companies are already attracting employees from the Philippines, Ukraine or Vietnam. It’s a lot easier to get a job than a few years ago.

Now let’s focus on the professions that are currently the most sought after on the European labor market. Professionals are the most sought after profession. Internet portals are bursting at the seams from adverts for sales employees. Sales representatives, customer advisers, financial advisors … there are even many ads! The advantage of working in the sale is the lack of the required specific education. Here the most important are specific skills.

On the second place there are various experts in computer science. Especially developers. Currently, it is one of the best paid professions in UK. It should be emphasized that programmers are divided into various specializations. For example, we can distinguish PHP programmers, Java programmers, C ++ programmers. You can even multiply examples. Information technology is a field in which more and more interesting specializations are being created. Currently, it is estimated that 60,000 programmers are missing in UK.

The third place is currently qualified manual workers. You can include truck drivers, welders, bricklayers, machine operators, etc. It is difficult to find qualified manual workers in Europe because many of them simply left Europe. European employers must download this type of employees even from Asia.

Master’s thesis in administration and the European labor market.

Master’s thesis in administration is useful. However, it does not guarantee good work. Nowadays it is very easy to find a job in administration in subordinate positions. Salaries, however, are very low on them. Now it is worth having an open mind and not being closed in one area. Experts from the labor market say that it is worth having a few professional skills in hand, not just one. Therefore, do not end your education at the thesis itself.